The Steve Special

This is recipe I have made many different times. Each time I make these steaks it comes out a little different so don’t be afraid to make changes until you find the perfect combination of yum!

1 spatula
1 skillet
2 bowls
Chef’s knife
cutting board

2 New York Strip steaks, thawed (about 2 inches thick)

Spicy Steak Rub
1 Tbs. paprika
1 Tbs. fresh ground black pepper
1 Tbs. kosher salt
1 Tbs. garlic powder
1 Tbs. onion powder
1 Tbs. dried oregano
1 Tbs. dried thyme
1 Tbs. dried rosemary
1 tsp. cayenne pepper

Sour Cream Sauce
8 oz. sour cream
2 Tbs. horseradish
2 Tbs. Dijon or spicy brown mustard
1 Tbs. fresh chives, chopped
1 Tbs. fresh ground black pepper

First combine paprika, pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, thyme, rosemary and cayenne in a small shallow bowl. Use a fork to gently stir the mixture.

Heat the skillet over a medium flame. Using your hands, rub the spicy steak rub into your thawed sirloin steaks. Make sure the rub is on all sides of the steak. Now, add the steak to the heated skillet. Let cook for 5-7 minutes, until pink in the middle.

As the steak is cooking, use your chef’s knife and cutting board to chop the fresh chives. Put the sour cream in a small bowl. Add the horseradish and mustard. Stir with spoon until mixture is even and smooth. Add the chopped chives. Stir until the chives are evenly mixed in with the sour cream mixture.

Flip the steak. Let steak continue to cook for about 5 minutes. When the steak is done cooking, remove from heat and let rest for about 5 minutes. The resting is key to a nice juicy steak–it allows the steak to reabsorb much of the juices that were lost during the cooking process. Now, serve with the sour cream sauce and enjoy.

This is a great steak to serve with baked potatoes or green beans. It also goes very well with a stronger red wine, like a Bordeaux.

About kristamaesmith

I'm a writer living with my boyfriend in Salt Lake City, Utah where I cheer for the Jazz, walk my dog, and spend too much money in local restaurants. I work in marketing for higher education and blog about food, travel, television, and whatever shiny moment catches my fancy.
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4 Responses to The Steve Special

  1. roxaboxen says:

    So my first thought on seeing the title of this recipe was something along the lines of “OMGWTFBLT!!!” and then I thought about it and then I went, “oh…yeah, THAT Steve.”Either way both the food and the name are awesome, good job on being are erin and i getting dishes named after us? if i write you a song with your name in it will i get mine first?

  2. Krista Smith says:

    You write a song with my name in it. I will make you the best meal I can possible come up with, name it in your honor and host a giant party. Question why the “OMGWTFBLT!!!” How many other Steve’s do we know?

  3. roxaboxen says:

    Well, there’s Steve the my little pony, Steve the llama finger puppet, Steve the wraith, and pretty much anything else that I can get away with naming “steve”. Seriously…it’s like you don’t even know me.Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some songwriting to do.

  4. Andrew says:

    I LOVE STEVE THE LLAMA FINGER PUPPET!by the way.. he sends his love to the golbin king….i think they had a fling back then.. cause thats all steve talks about.. jareth this and jareth that…

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