Happy New Year’s

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. After four days of being snowed in and living in Medieval like conditions I’m not really feeling the holiday cheer.

But I’m super excited for New Year’s. I’m old enough to actually go out. As always my friends and I are looking for a laid-back place with great food and a fun atmosphere. The small amount of online searching I’ve done has only revealed clubs. Not exactly what I’m looking for–the hip-hop, grinding scene is so not me.

Any suggestions?

About kristamaesmith

I'm a writer living with my boyfriend in Salt Lake City, Utah where I cheer for the Jazz, walk my dog, and spend too much money in local restaurants. I work in marketing for higher education and blog about food, travel, television, and whatever shiny moment catches my fancy.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year’s

  1. My House — JK — It New Year’s My very cool neighbor’s The usual Welch Party!

  2. Krista Smith says:

    I know! But I’m so excited that I can go hang out with grown ups. You guys are definitely Plan B. And for the love of the neighborhood I’m requesting stuffed mushrooms. Thanks!

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