Italian, again!

Cafe Trio
680 South 900 East

On Saturday afternoon, Ava and I decided to get out of our food rut. So we went back to an original and enjoyed some Italian. I had been to Cafe Trio once before for a lovely lunch on their patio. And I missed the sunshine Saturday, but I won’t blame the restaurant. Silly nature, cursing us with winter!

We waited about five minutes before the host sat us. The wait made me really nervous about how the rest of the meal would go. But it must have been a fluke. Our server, Joshua was fabulous.

Cafe Trio was very clean and it had a nice vibe. We were there at an odd time of day, so there weren’t many customers. But it still felt comfortable. The only complaint I have about ambiance is the music. A couple of the songs just didn’t fit with the modern European feel.

Off the $7 cocktail menu, I had the Flirtini. It has vodka, raspberry syrup, lemon and sparkling white wine. Turns out the sugar rimmed glass with the sugary beverage was a little too sweet for my taste. The drink was as girly as the name implies.

Ava ordered an Amore. It’s made with lemoncello, fresh strawberry puree and sparkling white wine. It was very yummy and definitely the better of the two. So next time, next time: the Amore will be mine.


I ordered the Trio Club sandwich with the day’s soup for $9. The soup was a split pea with sausage. It was a great winter time dish. I really enjoyed it’s flavor and texture. It was surpringly creamy and rich.

The sandwich was delcious. The foccia bread was so yummy! I also enjoyed the melty cheese and tomatoes. I would recommend this sandwich to anyone who enjoys a more traditional club, for sure. It’s a great example of American Italian cuisine.

Ava ordered the baked penner for $13. She loved it! She said, “I’m so full it hurts to move.” The mushroom, cheese, tomatoe sauce and garlic combination looked and smelled delicious.

The best part was the piece of plastic wrap she pulled out of the sauce after eating most of the pasta.It’s a still a mystery how the plastic wrap got there. I have some questions about Cafe Trio’s food preparation now. How many people would never go back to a restaurant where they found plastic wrap in their food?

Yeah, me either. Maybe it’s awful–like eating gum off the floor. But the rest of my Trio experience was so positive, I probably will go back to Cafe Trio someday.

Just not any day soon. They are expensive for my budget. Worth it, but still pricey. A giant thanks to Ava for lunch. I love you!

What’s your favorite Italian lunch cafe?


About kristamaesmith

I'm a writer living with my boyfriend in Salt Lake City, Utah where I cheer for the Jazz, walk my dog, and spend too much money in local restaurants. I work in marketing for higher education and blog about food, travel, television, and whatever shiny moment catches my fancy.
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5 Responses to Italian, again!

  1. ANDREW! says:

    Krista a love you to death, but please never become a middle aged man… i love you too much!

  2. oops.. lol… i meant to leave this on the squatters post. my bad!

  3. now-what87 says:

    I see you decided to go with a v day backgound, very cute. Everything on their menu sounded so good I’m excited to go back and try more!

  4. I agree Cafe Trio is yummy and a spring morning for brunchis the best time to enjoy their food the patio is the only way to go!

  5. Netts Nook says:

    That’s one I need to try just live down the street. Thanks for sharing Krista………

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