Food Review: Smash in line, Smashburger is in Utah

Last week Ava, Eirn and I were invited to the opening of SmashBurger in Sugar House. Smashburger is a franchise and is located inside the same building as Pei Wei on 2100 South. The opening was a smashing success everything was on the house and the line was l-o-n-g.

I’m not a fan of crazy busy restaurants, but considering the food was free I’m not complaining. I had the mushroom swiss burger. It was yummy. My favorite part was the egg bun even though it sounded scary it was soft and delicious. I also tried out the haystack onion rings. The rings were paper thing slices briefly drudged in a batter before being quickly deep-fried. They were good, but they won’t be replacing beer-battered rings for me any time soon. The aioli sauc (spicy fry sauce for Utahns) was very good. It had a nice kick and great flavor.

Erin had the spicy burger. It came with a few jalapenos and was a little too spicy for her taste buds. She also had the smashfries (shoestring fries with rosemary). She loved these little guys.

Ava also had the mushroom swiss burger and declared it good. I believe she had regular fries with salt and fry sauce. They were also very yummy. Ava and Erin also tried the chocolate shake, which I’m guessing they liked, but I don’t remember hearing any comments about they level of yumminess to Smashburger’s shake.

I probably won’t be back to Smashburger anytime soon. As a casual-dining-meets-fast-food restaurant (think Noodles & Co. with burgers), the average burger costs about $7 along with $2 for fries, more than my beloved local Millie’s across the street.
Any burger joint, you just can’t get enough of?

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I'm a writer living with my boyfriend in Salt Lake City, Utah where I cheer for the Jazz, walk my dog, and spend too much money in local restaurants. I work in marketing for higher education and blog about food, travel, television, and whatever shiny moment catches my fancy.
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7 Responses to Food Review: Smash in line, Smashburger is in Utah

  1. Ava says:

    I agree, it was good, but not great, which is pretty much what you'd expect from a franchise. As for their shakes, don't even bother, just go down half a block to Millie's and get a REAL shake.

  2. Hang says:

    I'll have to agree, the only real unique thing is their buns. They are quite good and do the job of soaking up the juices nicely. Most locations are given a unique burger and even a shake. For Utah it's the Beehive Burger and the Grasshopper Mint shake. Five Guys has more flavor in their meat. The Counter has better toppings. I will still stick to Crownburger as my goto burger.I also found ordering a bit confusing as I thought my Beehive burger came with the usual lettuce, pickles, etc. Apparently not, I had to get those as add-ons. Wait, they had fry sauce there? Is this like In-N-Out where they have hidden menu items?Millie's has the better shake. Oh let me rant about the Grasshopper Mint shake. In my book, if you're going to call something "Grasshopper" it better contain either Grasshopper mint cookie bits or alcohol, if it doesn't have either-it just a plain mint shake.Next on the burger test, Scaddy's Wayne Burger or the Scaddy Burger.

  3. I can't comment about the Sugarhouse Smashburger, but I have been to a Smashburger in Colorado and thought that the burgers were pretty standard, like BK, but the smashfries were awesome! About the Shakes, go somewhere that knows how to make them, like Millie's or even Iceberg.The burgers that I have been liking lately are from Salt City Burger Co. They are pretty great, and their sweet potato fries are great.

  4. Krista Smith says:

    First off, I'm psyched to have three comments not counting me so thanks for being AWESOME guys. Ava, sorry about the shake. I knew there was a reason to not like chocolate ice cream.Hang, wow you know your burgers. Okay, so they don't have real fry sauce. But it comes with the onion rings and really tastes like mayo, ketchup and siracha. They call it smash sauce on the menu. Sounds like I might need to find myself at Five Guys one day and really Crownburger? Ehh…not so much. As for the shake, I'll let you handle the Grasshopper.Thanks, Kasey. I'll have to check out Salt City Burger sometime. But I'll skip the sweet potatoe fries.

  5. Hang says:

    Yeaaah, I guess I know burgers (poking belly shamefully) I'll have to add SLBCo to the list as well. I think the secret to sweet potato fries is the 50/50 mix as all sweet is too much, especially if they're poorly fried to begin with.

  6. rikki says:

    you make me want to come visit salt lake city just to eat!

  7. Krista Smith says:

    Rikki,You should just come visit me! The beer here is amazing and I bet we could even scrounge up some red beer for you.

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