Food Review: Fat’s Revisited

I like beer.

I don’t like people.

So a place like Fat’s, is easy for me to love.

As far as I can tell they keep a bartender, waitress and cook on staff at all times. An amazing waitress! I love the woman who works at Fat’s. She is amazing! I have never once not had an amazing experience at Fat’s. The wait staff deftly handles the most obnoxious customer, while still managing to do their job exceptionally well.

The tables are never full and pool is the big draw for most of the men there. Also, it seems kind of coupley as in guys like to take women there and “teach” them pool. I say “teach” because my observation skills tell me if this isn’t an excuse for groping, it’s an excuse for showing off a largely unnecessary life skill.

I love Fat’s nachos because I love cheese. The nachos are served with an awesome salsa with corn so it’s this great combination of sweet and spicy. The nachos are a giant serving with tons of sour cream, onions and olives and just a teensy little bit of tomatoes (they could totally up that on the plate).

They only have six beers on tap so I always end up getting Uinta’s Golden Spike Hefeweizen, but they do offer a few different bottles as well. The Golden Spike is decent, and definitely helped by the slice of lemon Fat’s serves on the side.

Fat’s is a great, quiet bar where it’s easy to feel comfortable gorging on grease while drinking a beer.


About kristamaesmith

I'm a writer living with my boyfriend in Salt Lake City, Utah where I cheer for the Jazz, walk my dog, and spend too much money in local restaurants. I work in marketing for higher education and blog about food, travel, television, and whatever shiny moment catches my fancy.
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4 Responses to Food Review: Fat’s Revisited

  1. rikki says:

    you crack me upi have a hard time getting into restaurant home, it's alll about beans cooked with a TON of hot sauce, fake chicken and jalepenos!

  2. Hang says:

    I'll let the co-owner know not to change the nachos, he's a cop buddy of mine. Do you know of any "local" bars downtown? My buddies and I have been looking for a bar to hang out in before and after events that's not crowded. We've been looking for over a year without much success.Rikki-um, dare I ask, what is fake chicken? Should it be khicken if it's fake?

  3. Krista Smith says:

    Rikki, You have to try these nachos. They are deliciousness waiting to happen. Hang, The best hangout bar in Downtown I can think of is Murphy's. Speakeasy has an even smaller crowd, but isn't a sports bar. I hear Poplar is good, but I haven't been.And happily there is a reason the city is running out of liquor liscenses. People are happy to drink downtown–even if there are only two bars a block.Thanks for the comments!

  4. Ava says:

    I think I'm always surprised at how well lit Fat's is. It just feels really bright to be a bar. Is that weird?Also, I'd like to second Murphey's, it's definitely my favorite downtown bar.

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