Fresh-y fish-y, fish

Just confirmed: I need to live near a beach some day.

After we flew through the final tunnel, we took a break in Sokcho. The order for the day was shashimi and the beach. First we stopped at the fish market which is right on the harbor. We saw so many fish, squid, octopus and things I couldn’t name I almost died of happiness. This was a food experience, my friends. We slowly walked through the small market pausing for me to take photos and ohh and ahh over every thing.

As we ended the walking tour, we stopped to order some fish from a woman who was very matter of factly killing and fileting live fish as she bargained the price with Ray. It’s a good thing we had a local with us otherwise we would’ve paid double. We ordered red snapper (daum), mackerel, squid and flounder. As Ray named each fish and negotiated the price, the woman would scoop one out of a water filled bucket and throw it down on the table in front of her. Once everything was ordered, she calmly grabbed each fish and brought down the knife. (This made me consider vegetarianism.)

We were shown to a table right on the edge of the harbor. After a few jokes about how I might fall in the harbor and die, I proceeded to fall. Thankfully I missed the ocean and landed on the soaking cement instead.

Our shashimi came soon after I had righted myself and was able to sit down again. It was delicious! I like fish, but I love, love fresh-off-the-boat-I-just-watched-it-get-killed fish. The daum was especially delicious and I can see why so many people love red snapper. We had everything with soy sauce, red bean paste and sesame leaves. Between the six of us, we managed to eat way more fish than was healthy.  (This made me realize why I love meat.)

Then came the soup. In the wonderful style that is Korea, they took all the bones and extra bits and threw them into a pot with a crab, veggies and kimchi to make a jiggae. I immediately went for the crab since I haven’t been brave enough to try it before. And wow! I was way past full, but I just kept eating and eating.

Finally when there was no food left and everyone had a food baby we decided to head to Namsan Beach.

Just a few miles down the road, we stopped and I got my toes wet in the East Sea. It was beautiful! Absolutely one of the best days! We played in the water and sand for a little while before getting back in the cars for our final destination at Gangyang where barbecue and boys would ensue.

But more on that tomorrow.

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