Golden Buddha, Fat Buddha

Some time ago Mr. Vandertramp, Naomi and I embarked on an all day bike adventure. We stopped at a tiny Buddhist temple before making our way across Chungju to this Golden Buddha temple.

It was raining off and on that day, but it was fun to poke around and see what this little temple had to offer. My favorite statue is of fat, happy Buddha sitting near the lotus pond. The golden Buddha is impressive as well.

But front and center at the centerpiece of this small temple is a ginormous bonsai tree. It’s so large it rests on a stone turtle’s back. I don’t know much about bonsai. (I believe this is a Korean hornbeam tree.) However the tree speaks of great age, patience and wisdom. I felt a little bit like Pocahontas with Grandmother Willow, only with more Buddhist chanting and Korean muism and less faked Native American lore.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way judging from the wishing stones stacked around the small temple garden in the shade of this enormous tree.

It was a lovely temple to see and pass an hour or so while waiting out the rain, even if we did get damp before going home.

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2 Responses to Golden Buddha, Fat Buddha

  1. Rikki King says:

    very neat! and i love the Pocahontas ref.

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