Kiss, touch, skinship?

Kiss is not much to look at from the outside buried among the love hotels in the area. It reminds me of the kind of club you’d see in a 1940s crime film–gritty and cheap yet somehow packed with people.

Linda and I arrived around 1 a.m. and were immediately sat by one of the ushers. I was strongly reminded our our previous Chungju night club experience. Thankfully this club crowd was much younger. Most people appeared to be university students.

Once again we were asked to order an outrageously expensive set of beer and fruit instead of pay a cover price for the club. Linda and I sat and munched on our fruit while sipping beer for a few minutes. The music was so loud conversation was impossible without shouting directly into each other’s ears.

A well-dressed young man approached us and asked to sit next to Linda. We sat and shouted-talked for a few minutes. He seemed content to demonstrate the finer points of two-handed handling of beer and glasses. (Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong for the past six months.) He also seemed concerned about keeping both Linda and I entertained which involved him doing a lot of getting up and sitting down next to each of us.

Soon Linda suggested we dance. I nodded and we headed out.  I was surprised the cute and extremely polite man did not follow us.

I shrugged and busted out my best waygook dance moves. “If he’s interested, he can figure it out,” I thought. When the crowd was ready for a break, we went back to our table. Polite Guy came back this time with glow bracelets. Linda had asked if he knew where we could get some and in true KMen cliche fashion he went and got some for us.

He placed an orange bracelet on my wrist and sat next to me.

“Can we touch?,” he asked.

“What? I don’t understand,” I shouted in his ear.

He sighed. “Touch, skinship?,” he questioned.

“Uhh…not tonight,” I answered. I was so shocked by how quickly he asked with almost none of the usual not-so-sly brushing up against me, I could barley choke out an answer.

He finally settled on asking for my number, then magically he had to go home because he was working in the morning helping his father in the shop.

Oh well. . .

Soon after Polite Guy left, Linda was approached by a waiter who proceeded to drag her to a table. I followed, not about to let my friend get left at a table with strangers. We were seated between three men–one of whom was passed out.

The man to my right was well-dressed and spoke great English. (I love KMen and their three-piece suits. Sexy!) We had a brief shouted conversation in which he told me he had spent a year in New York working as an intern. Then the man to my left took over.

He was a bigger guy and not someone I was immediately into, but he was hilarious and had a great sense of humor. He spoke almost no English, but we got by fairly well on Konglish and limited English and Korean.

As the conversation quieted, he asked me to dance. I said okay. I was feeling like we were getting along. He didn’t seem interested in anything other than just hanging out and having a good time. After all he admitted he had a girlfriend and he wasn’t trying any skinship with me.

We headed to the dance floor, and he immediately got handsy. I shook my head and said, “No, just friends.” We danced to a few songs while he tried to teach me some Korean dance moves.

I’m pretty sure the moves were the guy’s verison of sexy dance. (Does that exist?) One particulary interesting move involves thrusting your pelvis back and forth. I almost died laughing. Just imagine a young Korean guy dry humping the air thinking it looks hot. Oh my…

Linda and Well-Dressed joined us on the dance floor. We danced and laughed at everyone’s hilariously failed attempts to dance well. Funny Guy would occassionally get a little handsy, then would back off again as soon as I gave him a look. The situation was quickly turning awkward.

I was starting to wish I had monopolized Well-Dressed and ignored Funny Guy. Then the usual dance break came; I was ready to go home.

Korean night clubs aren’t my thing, but they are always the best place for finding adorable KMen.



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I'm a writer living with my boyfriend in Salt Lake City, Utah where I cheer for the Jazz, walk my dog, and spend too much money in local restaurants. I work in marketing for higher education and blog about food, travel, television, and whatever shiny moment catches my fancy.
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