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A Sunday kind of morning

The lovely weekend was a rush around Seoul for most of Saturday night complete with kebabs, Long Islands and salsa. I met Jennifer and her crew in Itaewon for a lovely sushi dinner at Rollin’ Japanese. We had a lovely … Continue reading

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1,2,3…Coke, soju, beer

Cojinganmek (구징안픽) is the cocktail of Korean goddesses. It’s disgustingly good and far too easy to throw back too many before you realize what one shot of soju, one shot of beer and a shot of coke can do to … Continue reading

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Chungju’s foreigner bars

Where do the waygukins gather in this tiny city? Considering the few searches for “Chungju foreigner bars” at least a couple of people are looking. Here’s a lit of the bars where I’ve had consistent waygook sightings, sometimes of foreigners … Continue reading

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Two elephants beer

Chang beer. The beer of Thailand. Okay. It’s not the beer, but it’s one of two local brews that I very much enjoyed during my weekend in Bangkok. The beer was cheap, dark and delicious. I loved drinking a non-Korean … Continue reading

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Food reviews: The armpit of the Elbow

I ventured down to Fiddler’s Elbow for a meeting with the staff from, The Forum. I haven’t been to Fiddler’s in a while. I always find the food mediocre, the menu lacks focus and the service is well–let’s just say … Continue reading

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I found new love

Now that sunshine is back, my new love is beer. Yes, beer! For Erin’s birthday, we went to the Grill on the Hill at Snowbird where three ounce beer samples cost a dollar, but admission is free. I enjoyed $14 … Continue reading

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Cheap wine and beer

I’ve experienced a reason resurgence of my love for cheap alcohol. Below is a brief lists of my favorite boxed wines and grocery store beers. Ahh, the joys of living in Utah. FranziaThe winner is the Franzia Delicious Red–it tastes … Continue reading

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