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A Sunday kind of morning

The lovely weekend was a rush around Seoul for most of Saturday night complete with kebabs, Long Islands and salsa. I met Jennifer and her crew in Itaewon for a lovely sushi dinner at Rollin’ Japanese. We had a lovely … Continue reading

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Wine and girl time

There are few things in this world better than a great glass of wine. Unfortunately in the land of soju and beer, it can be a bit tough to find a decent bottle of wine for less than $25. Thankfully … Continue reading

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Sea penis and other tales of sea food

You know, you are out of the tourist traps when the only other person who speaks English fluently is your date. We drove onto the beach of Yeongdo, a small island in Busan harbor. There was row after row of … Continue reading

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Galbitang (갈비당) is a sweet beef soup I’ve come to love and overindulge in regularly in Chungju. (It helps that galbitang is available 24 hours a day at a nearby restaurant.) The soup is made from big beef ribs  boiled … Continue reading

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A good read

I’ve fallen in love with science and writing all over again. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is a wonderful book telling the story of the woman and her family who’s cells are used by thousands of scientists and doctors … Continue reading

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A coffee shop playground

Recently Matt and Daesong took Jennifer and I to his new favorite coffee shop, “Noriter.” We were greeted in the elevator by an image of a  1940s-esque flight attendant advertising the coffee shop. Daesong explained that “noriter” is Korean for … Continue reading

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Coffee shop couture

Coffee shops are for women,” Mina said. “Oh really?!” “Yeah, it’s cool too dress up and go hang out with friends and just talk,” she said. Coffee shops are certainly thought of differently in Korea. Koreans love their coffee. They … Continue reading

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