The List

This is a list of the things I want to do during my life. I believe the purpose of life is to live and this is just one thing I can do to live my life more fully, enjoyable and purposefully.


1-Take the Trans-Siberian Railroad

2-Road trip across America

3-Take one year to go Round The World

4-Live on a beach

5-Live in Spain

6-Visit the UK

7-Visit Thailand

8-Visit Hong Kong

9-Visit Taiwan

10-Visit New Zealand

11-Go to Central and South America

12-Visit Turkey

13-Visit Morroco

14-Visit Egypt

15-Visit Jeju-do and Busan, South Korea


1-Publish a book

2-Publish somewhere my mother will read i.e. not online

3-Freelance like it’s my job, so it will be my job

4-Make another movie

5-Write and sell a feature length screenplay

6-Work for a newspaper and/or magazine

7-Write/produce for television

8-Own a restaurant, bakery, bar or coffee shop


1-Watch Ebert’s 100 Greatest Movies (original list) by July 2011

2-Pay off all my student loans in four years

3-Own a dog

4-Have a family


1-Participate in the Director’s Guild Apprenticeship program

2-Get my bartender’s liscense

3-Learn to be a barista

5-Learn to crochet or knit

6-Speak Spanish fluently

8-Speak basic Korean

9-Read a book a week

10-Go to culinary school

11-Learn to make kimchi jiggae just like a KMom

12-Go to grad school?

  • Masters in film production from USC?
  • Masters in writing from Colombia?


1-Go bunjee jumping

2- Go skiiing

3-Go snowboarding

4-Fly in a hot air balloon

5-Go sky diving

6-Go base jumping

7-Go surfing

8-Go on a gorilla safari in Uganda

9-Hike the Himalayan foothills in Nepal

10-Go whale watching

11-Eat blow fish in Japan

12-Go crab fishing

13-Tour the Guinness brewery and Jameson’s distillery in Dublin, Ireland

This might take awhile. What do you think? Is there anything I should do before I die that didn’t make the list?

For an explanation of this list go here and here.


4 Responses to The List

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  2. Good list. Long enough that you’ll have to hustle to get everything done…

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